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Private online 

your ever-present remote fitness guide.

4 Fundamental Pillars:

  • General Strength: Build strength that leads to both internal improvements and noticeable aesthetic changes

  • Aerobic Capacity: Enhance heart function. Train your heart for a healthier cardiovascular systme

  • Mobility: Improve joint mobility to prevent injuries and maintain long-term joint health.

  • Mental Health: Alleviate stress, sharpen focus, and boost overall mental well-being through regular physical activity.

Consider it an investment in your lifelong vitality.

I'm here to offer you superior quality, advocating not for a mere 12-week transformation, but for a sustainable lifestyle founded on lasting habits that will enrich the next six decades of your life.

Connect for a FREE introductary consultation

Let's get to know each other during an initial free consultation

If you decide to continue, the service includes:

  • Customized training plan (complete with instructional videos and personalized audio cues for clarity and effectiveness.)
  • Personalized nutrition plan (crafted by our team's Nutrition Biologist )
  • Weekly consultation video call (scheduled to address any queries, or concerns you may have along the way.)
  • Private Telegram group with regular updates on fitness and lifestyle, where you'll have access to my expertise and prompt responses to your inquires
  • Continuous support Rest assured with email support available to provide assistance whenever you need it, ensuring you always feel supported and empowered in your pursuit of wellness

Note: What I share with clients is private and confidential

I trained with Enzo for almost 2 years on a weekly basis. Always punctual, with him I continued a weight loss journey through targeted and always varied workouts. Enzo is not only professionally competent but also able to explain in simple terms the impact an exercise can have within a complete training program. I am very happy to have undertaken this journey with him, especially for the results achieved and for the drastic change in mindset I was able to reach thanks to his advice.

Nicola Fornaro, Milan (Italy)

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